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Nature of My Employment. If I am hired by JM Gibson Mechanical, I agree that I will be an at-will employee, which means that either I or JM Gibson Mechanical may end my employment at any time, without cause or notice. I agree that no written materials or verbal statements by JM Gibson Mechanical will constitute an expressed or implied contract of continued employment and that this at-will relationship can only be modified in writing by JM Gibson Mechanical’s Administration. My Participation in JM Gibson Mechanical’s Drug Free Environment. I am not a current user of illegal drugs, and I agree I will never work under the influence of drugs or alcohol My Records and References. There is nothing in my background that would cause a risk to JM Gibson Mechanical’s customers, employees, or property. I authorize JM Gibson Mechanical to conduct reference checks, criminal and driving records checks, and other consumer report investigations if desired. I release all parties from liability from providing such information to JM Gibson Mechanical. In this regard, I understand that conviction of a crime does not necessarily disqualify me from consideration for employment. I understand that the nature and the date of the offense and the relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied for will determine my eligibility for employment. Information Certification. I certify that the information I have provided to JM Gibson Mechanical is true and complete. I agree to notify JM Gibson Mechanical immediately if I am later charged with any crimes listed above. I agree that any false information or omission allows JM Gibson Mechanical to refuse to hire me, or to terminate my employment at any time. Agreement to Arbitrate. Because of the delay and expense of the court systems, JM Gibson Mechanical and I agree to use confidential binding arbitration, instead of going to court, for any claims that arise between me and JM Gibson Mechanical, It’s related companies, and/or their current or former employees. Without limitation, such claims would include any concerning compensation, employment ( including, but not limited to, any claims concerning sexual harassment or discrimination), or termination of employment. Before arbitration, I agree: (I) first present any such claims to JM Gibson Mechanical: (ii) next, to complete any JM Gibson Mechanical internal review process: and (iii) finally, to complete any external administrative remedy (such as with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). In any arbitration, the prevailing employment dispute resolution rules of the American Arbitration Association will apply.
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